Creep Spotlight #8: Naga

Ignores ground threats and mazes. Flighty and impish.


They rule the skies. No matter how long and complex your maze is, Nagas will fly in a straight line from the entrance point to the Tree. They fly right over ground Towers and Rocks, only taking damage from Air based Towers, like Thunderclap and, of course, Anti Air. If you're low on Degrees, Pillars can be placed to divert their path. There are fewer Towers that attack the skies than the ground, so a group of Nagas can be a real threat if you're not prepared.


They say Nagas live in flocks near the boughs of the highest reaching trees, higher even than the highest mountains. A blithe clan, most of their resources are spent creating fireworks, art, and other displays of opulence and luxury. They have a knack for being somewhat underhanded beneath their devil-may-care surface.


Its name comes from Naga Fireballs, a phenomenon in which glowing balls of light shoot upwards from the Mekong River in Thailand, reaching high into the air. The fire is believed by some to come from the mythical snake, Phaya Naga, said to live in the river.

Originally they were supposed to be yellow, but it seemed confusing to have different Creeps that were the exact same color, what with Quickfire and everything.

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