Creep Spotlight #9: Starburst

Heals others when defeated. A drama queen.


A Creep that restores the HP of other Creeps when it goes down. Oddly, Starburst works well with itself, allowing for a sort of leap-frog strategy of Starbursts healing the ones right behind them, and their base HP is decent enough to make this work. They also pair up well with tough Creeps like Blue Giants or Charcoals, extending their durability by allowing them to recover. Their Speed is unremarkable (tied with Spitfire) and their base Quantity is tied with Charcoal for being 2nd lowest in the game.


Starburst form constellations in the skies above the world's uppermost cloud layer. They have existed since ancient times among these floating planets and colonies; their homeland is a paradise of medical technology and space age gizmos carved from asteroids. Easily the most peaceful bunch of the Creeps, they naturally put the well-being of others before their own.


Like actual starfish, they have regenerative properties and can repair missing limbs. If you look closely at its move animation, it discards and grows new arms each time it swims forward.

Healing a damaged Charcoal will cause it to speed up, but healing a Fission that's already duplicated won't put it back together again.

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