Creep Spotlight #7: Spotfire

Becomes airborne when hit. Has the shortest attention span.


Surprisingly strong Creeps that briefly jump into the air when struck. While airborne, they're immune to damage from ground based Towers. Since the only "true" airborne Creeps don't come into play until they're unlocked, these are your best bet for evading ground based Tower arrangements in the beginning of a match. They are identical to Blue Giants in Quantity and base HP; combined with their jumping ability, suffice to say they live for a long time. Towers that hit both land and air Creeps can deal with them.


A clan of tricksters that thrive on taking risks and unconventional tactics. Much of their time is spent moving from place to place and improving their ability to quickly cross large swaths of ground. Their group has a friendly sort of rivalry with Nagas and are somewhat jealous of their natural ability to fly. They live on the fringes of rocky badlands and canyons.


"Spotting" is when gusts of wind carry sparks or embers from a wildfire into new areas outside of its initial range, creating new fires. The newly created fires are sometimes referred to as spot fires.

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