Creep Spotlight #4: Charcoal

The more it's hit, the tougher it gets. Stubborn and obstinate.


A moving wall. Nearly twice as fast as Blue Giants with half the Armor. However, the more damage they take, the more Armor they gain and the more they slow down. Charcoals pair up well with Starburst -- taking damage to build up Armor, then allowing defeated Starburst to restore them to full health. They keep the Armor they've built up, and once they restore their health they'll move at full speed again. Take these things out by any means necessary! Particle Towers can wear them down and Plasma can be used to deal high damage quickly. Static is an alternative option for boosting the damage of otherwise ineffective Towers.


Charcoals belong to a proud, aloof clan that does not readily welcome outsiders nor ask for their help. They live in stuffy mines, volcanic wastelands, and former forests that were cleared away to make room for their ever growing population. Tempering themselves and their steel technology, like Quickfires, their way of life burns up a lot of resources through cooking and transportation fuel, leading to deforestation in the areas around their habitat. A perpetual foggy haze surrounds their arid territory.


On more than one occasion people have been somewhat confused by their appearance. We've heard everything from pepper dispensers to weird fire bugs to invincible burning logs (okay... that one's actually not far off). They're really based on types of charcoal that are made from burned wood and extruded into logs or cylinders, like vine charcoal (the type often used for drawing) or the Japanese Binchōtan charcoal.

Another fun fact. In the Charcoal's artwork on the Creep selection menu, the flame at its side resembles a snail... because it gets slower as it takes damage.

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