Creep Spotlight #3: Quickfire

Fast, but fragile. Can't sit still.


True to their names, they are the fastest Creeps of all. They also boast having the highest base Quantity, so you may be able to overwhelm certain opponents with sheer numbers alone. Quickfires are lacking in the HP department so they'll need a lot of Experience Points to level up in order to survive most attacks. Typically don't fare very well late game when advanced and leveled up Towers are in play. Collider Towers punish them for their high Speed, and Frost and Hailstorm can slow them down a bit. They blaze right past Particle Towers and other slow firing threats.


A technologically advanced clan overly concerned with forward progress. Its members have a "microwave society" mindset and are accustomed to accessing information and services instantly. They are also highly athletic and well known for being the fastest creatures in the land. Mostly live in built up areas and their lifestyles burn up a lot of energy from electrical tools.


Like the Spitfire, it looks like its design is virtually unchanged since its 2012 conception. Not a lot of iteration back then, I guess. Unsure what's going on between the eyes... Maybe an early prototype for a design with a mouth?

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