Creep Spotlight #2: Fire Rain

Falls erratically across the field. A bit flaky.


Spitfire's sneaky cousin. These drop from the sky wherever there's open space on the opponent's field. Very useful if the other player has stacked Towers near the entrances, but has left the spaces surrounding their Tree unguarded. Fire Rain also have the 2nd highest base Quantity and Speed in the game, at 7 and 55 respectively, second only to Quickfire. And just like Quickfires, they're fragile, with the 2nd lowest base HP of all the Creeps, so any decently powered Tower will make short work of them. They may work best with support from armored Creeps; otherwise they probably won't cover a lot of ground.


Fire Rain form an erratic, hostile spy clan of dubious allegiance that are experts at intel gathering. Its members are wandering nomads who never settle in any location for too long, but typically are found at high altitudes in mountainous or desert regions. They craft smoke bombs, diagrams, and other tools for subterfuge and navigating unknown territories.


Ancient cave drawings from 2012, showing preliminary ideas for its shape.

I can barely read that atrocious handwriting, but it looks like it says "Fire Rain / orange / drop from air." It looks like it might have been more tadpole shaped and less angry at one point.

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