Creep Spotlight #1: Spitfire

A New Creep Approaches...?

Those of you who have been enjoying the beta version of Fire With Fire know that the game currently features 10 different Creeps to attack your opponents with. 

You also know that in addition to more Towers, the team is planning to include -- you guessed it -- additional types of Creeps in the final version of the game.

What will these new Creeps be like? Will they upset the metagame and dominate today's common strategies? ...The answers may come sooner than you think.

But until then, let's take a look back at the pesky little fire spirits we do know about. This will be the start of a series of Creep Spotlights that focuses on a specific species per day, twice a week with articles posted on Mondays and Thursdays.

Without further ado, let's kick things off with a closer look at the Spitfire.

The generalist. The most well rounded of them all.


They make good scouts in the early rounds if you're not sure what to send against your opponent's setup. Leveling these up as soon as possible might be a good idea to have Fire Rain in the pocket. They aren't particularly fast or stout, but they come in large numbers which can be useful combined with other specialty Creeps on the field.


Spitfires live in grassy knolls and are generally accustomed to building whatever they need. Their clan is well versed in the art of forging metal tools and weapons, and its members have long valued quality over speed.


The Spitfire was designed by none other than the developer himself, Theory, and its appearance is virtually unchanged since he started working on this game. We managed to excavate the earliest historical record of its existence, circa 2012.

I made all of the other Creeps based on the characteristics inherent in this design -- namely, big white eyes, pointed head shapes, and round, limbless bodies.

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