Creep Spotlight #5: Blue Giant

Slow, but tough. The last one to get the joke.


The walliest of walls. Use these constantly, and they will eventually muscle through any Tower your opponent has set down. Just don't expect the match to be quick. Generally they are effective against Towers that hit one target at a time, drawing fire so more frail Creeps can pass by safely. They're pretty slow, though, so a group of splash damage Towers might take them out quickly. Executioner Towers can lop huge chunks of their health away while they trudge by.


Blue Giants have formed a military clan bound by strict rules and regulations. Its members are disciplined, well read, and heavily rooted in tradition. They train daily in organized group exercises and are easily the strongest of the entire Creep race. Typically live in forts and camps, and despite their size, they don't consume any more than they need to.


A blue giant is a type of star. A really massive, really hot star. We struggled coming up with a good name for this one, but I think we chose wisely. Other rejected options were Blue Flame, Sapphire, and Firewall.

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