TOC: Enemy Drones

We're starting to fill up TOC's world with hostile craft. There are 4 basic types each with their own functions.


The Scanner Drone basically does just that. It mills around space searching for threats (you.) by sending out circular waves of light. If it detects anything, it will summon a horde of lightning fast Seekers to take you out.

The basic idea was to have it look like a satellite. I also wanted a shape that would work well with any kind of rotation/gyrating motions since it sends out circular pulses to detect threats, so that's why a lot of roundness/curves show up in the shape language.

I've been working on the final version here:

And the scanning motion:


These show up when the Scanner detects you and will probably be guarding other important areas as well. They're basically all out offensive drones that will come straight at you with everything. They're small and annoying, so I was looking for a pointy shape to reflect that hostility. I looked at the shapes of things like hummingbirds and throwing darts for ideas. The green concepts are recycled from old Epitaph ideas, but were ones I thought might work well with this kind of foe.

Final version:


More common foes that patrol space in circles looking for threats. Was going for something bulkier here, and reminiscent of a police vehicle. Something imposing that would make the player uncomfortable if followed by it. I considered some sort of siren but ultimately felt it was a little too over the top. The green concept is another shape recycled from old Epitaph ideas.


In actuality, several small drones that collect in groups. Normally built to maintain space stations and perform other menial tasks, they'll cause damage if you collide with them. They fly back and forth in somewhat regular patterns.

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