Ava Title Illustration

This was somewhat of a monster to work on. Lots of back-and-forth between Photoshop and Illustrator and  laptop memory issues and second guessing aesthetic choices. Same old same old...

I have to say that the Paper Mario franchise and Kirby's Epic Yarn were huge influences (as always) because of their papercrafty/handmade look. When I first joined the team and started doing artwork concepts we didn't really plan on having stitchwork enemies and bosses, but it just sort of came about and we rolled with it where appropriate. That gave me the idea of having a somewhat pasted/handcrafted look for the title screen. There's space for the logo when necessary but this also works as a standalone banner since I believe the clients wanted a printable promo version.

The early drafts weren't much different. Had to decide whether Ava should be dead in the center or share the stage with her significant other, but this layout looked better.

Checking to see how it looks with the title.

Making color decisions at this stage and assigning shadow positions.

Flat version; originally this one below was the supposed final look, but I figured that textures and shadows added a little something in this case. The final final version is less coloring book and more shoebox diorama in my opinion.

This game's been plenty of fun to work on. Hoping for more opportunities to lend an artist's hand in creating the look for fantasy platforming games like this one.

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