Fire With Fire: It's Alive!

We're thinking of replacing the particle effect Creeps (remember how they've looked up until now?) with hand drawn sprites like these. This was a little test to see how something like this would look crawling along the field, and Theory tells me that it looks OK--so we may be doing all of the Creeps in this fashion. No pressure...

For now each Creep would need 2 animations; a basic 'walk' movement like the one above, and a flinching animation when it's attacked by a Tower (probably only plays once in game, but I've looped it here).

Special Creeps may have unique animations though depending on their abilities, like Charcoal or Phoenix. We'll see how this pans out but I think these match the look of the Towers/icons a little more and makes for a more cohesive art style for everything.

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