The Only Certainty: Nebula Fog

When the player passes through a nebula it obscures everything on screen except for a small radius around your ship. You can see a prototype version of how the darkening effect looks in the current build here:

So the other half of my job for this was to animate the process of moving from a non-nebula state to a darkened, foggy state onscreen.

The first thing was to plan out how the screen would look while darkening and how quickly. Some testing of different versions below:

4 frame fade in/out:

8 frame fade:

1 second fade:

The 3rd type looked way too slow and the ship collides with a nebula pretty quickly, so we decided somewhere between 5 and 10 frames would be best. With the timing down I could add a little polish.

There's also a subtle animation for after the screen is obscured while traversing through a nebula. As a result we have a fading in, then the obscuring fog, and a fade out that occurs when passing over one of these hazards:

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