iPhone Sidescroller Stage Maquette

Working with another mobile developer on a 2D sidescroller racing title. I'm actually pretty excited about it since it's not a very common genre. They wanted me to do a test of style/production speed to see how a background in the game might look:

The idea was to have a style based on simplicity, drawing influences from games like LocoRoco as far as style. I'm getting into a habit of making a more loose sketch in Photoshop before heading straight into the vector stage. Much easier to block out forms and colors without worrying about every angle and curve being perfect yet.

The final stage here from Illustrator. About 3-4 hours of total work, so it was pretty quick. Got rid of the clouds and a few other things since they were kind of busy, I didn't really like how they looked in the end. Otherwise I think it has the essence of the original sketch pretty well. Hopefully it has that simplistic look the client was looking for!

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