Asset Animation: Tank Enemy Walk Cycle


Yet another walk cycle here. This one looks simpler than the others because there are less frames, but there were actually a few more difficulties that popped up while I was working on this.

Long story short, perspective and foreshortening came into play much more than on the other animations. The way it moves in an arc back and forth meant I had to slightly shift the curve of the facial features to compensate for the changing perspective, which was... weird and kind of hard at first. Fortunately, the lead animator drew out a few guidelines in his initial frames which helped, so it wasn't too bad. I'm learning more about how difficult this process is, but the payoff is I'm able to build on some side skills other than illustration/concept art.

Anyone who wants to learn more about the process can view a step-by-step explanation here, in a post I wrote a while back. It details everything from start to finish about taking rough frames and turning them into a finished animation.

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