Mobile Game Assets - Rush Cycle - Colors

Rush Marshmallow

More color work for Marhsmallow Madness. These guys were tough, working at such a small scale. Same process as always--vector shapes in Photoshop underneath the outline layers. Another artist on the team, Jenny Polden, took care of the linework for these as well. These enemies will be hopping along the ground towards the player as a unit. They're fast, but weak.

Progress is coming along nicely, and it's been really enlightening to build actual parts of a game from start to finish like this. For the longest time I had only been exposed to the finished product in games made by other people, but understanding more how animation cycles (and games themselves) are built, hopefully anyone reading this can learn a bit about it as well.

For a more thorough read on the process, check out the beginning steps--creating the animation itself. I've also explained about the coloring process a bit as well. Enjoy!

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