Mobile Game Assets - Gingerbread Boss Walk Cycle - Colors

Gingerbread Boss

This time around I got to work in between the lines. Just some flat colors here for the simple cartoon style of the game.

At first I was going to paint the colors in using the Wacom tablet, but I figured it would be kind of a messy way to do it. I made vectorized shape layers under the line layers instead... much more precise, and much faster in terms of production.

Once I made the vector shapes for the first frame, I could tweak a few anchor points on them for the following frames to match the lines... instead of having to paint nearly the same things over and over. Plus I could change the colors and add/subtract from the vector shapes much more easily if I needed to. Used Photoshop for this but I guess Illustrator could've worked just as well since I was dealing with vectors.

I only did the colors for this one, the linework was done by one of our other teammates Jenny Polden. Hopefully sometime in the near future, I can get my hands dirty with some shading work... should be fun. Terrifying, but fun.

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