Mobile Game Assets - Walk Cycle Animation - Coloring

Gingerbread Lowlife

More work in a similar vein. I did the lines for this one quite a while ago and now it's all colored up. Same coloring process as the previous post really, so not much to add in that respect. Vector shapes in Photoshop like before.

I know that there are a lot of indie developers out there who have to get by doing everything alone--programming, design, art, everything. But I'm really starting to learn how helpful it is to have a 'production line' workflow for this kind of thing, especially animation. When one person plans out the animation charts, and another does the linework, and another does colors, etc. the quality usually turns out that much better since no one person is getting overburdened and burned out. I can't imagine how tough it must be for indies who tackle animation on their own on top of everything else! I'm working with 2 others in completing animation assets and I still have to study/practice just to keep up.

Money is always the elephant in the room with things like this, but if you're a developer on a small team or even all alone in need of art assets for video games, don't hesitate to contact me, just send me an e-mail ( Personally, being able to lend a hand to someone who's trying to build an entire game alone is far more important than price in most cases. Video games are really better as group efforts, and their quality is much higher when designers, artists, and programmers can rely on each other to do what they do best.

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