Concepts and Ideation - Continued Protagonist Sketching

More character ideas for Magic Lantern. Had fun just sketching these out, but I was also looking for various solutions to the lantern idea. I was kind of getting tired of just having them all hold a regular oil lamp, so I tried out some other light sources.

It was good practice for gestures and poses. I wanted them to have different personalities that could show through their body language. Funnily enough, working with animation for OnPoint Studios has helped a lot with making convincing, not-so-stiff character poses. Like I mentioned before, I realize that animation is kind of broken down into key/extreme poses, and inbetweens. Lately it's helped to imagine a key pose for a character's stance, since those are the ones that tell the story/are most expressive. Whereas having a character stance based on an inbetween could look pretty vague and unappealing. The pose has to tell a clear story, or at least an important part of it.

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