Marshmallow Madness - Enemy Concepts Continued

A few more enemy designs today for Marshmallow Madness.

The flower type enemy sprouts up in a random location on the field and launches its marshmallow "petals", which home in on the player in rapid succession. Since it's a plant, it can't move, so after all of its ammo is gone it's a sitting duck. Incredibly frail in terms of defense as well.

The second type shown is just another standard rushdown marshmallow, it rolls towards the player in a straightforward manner and attacks when close. If there are any varying types of terrain perhaps this one can roll over them with greater ease.

The cannon marshmallow is the biggest, strongest, and slowest of its kind. It rolls through the crowd firing its main weapon periodically. The small enemy shown on the right is the ammo it fires; they are fast but frail.

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