Marshmallow Madness - Enemy Concepts

Right now OnPoint Studios is designing more types of enemies for the tower defense title Marshmallow Madness. Here are the concepts I've come up with so far.

The first type is an aerial marshmallow that drifts down slowly from above. Not much of a threat, but they move quickly through the air and drop onto the player from above to deal damage.

The second type is a gluttonous marshmallow that is incredibly slow but has a lot of health. It would attack by gobbling up its own allies, and launching them at the player for massive damage. This enemy can actually be quite useful if the player is good enough at shooting the projectiles before they reach; this enemy can be kept alive for the sake of clearing the field for the player. It also doesn't have any teeth, so even if it gets close enough it can't hurt the player directly.

The third type is an undead marshmallow that digs across the field with its mouth open. It's similar to the swarming type in that it's quite speedy but frail, but to a greater extent in both categories. After reaching a certain proximity to the player, this one digs beneath the surface for a few seconds and is impossible to harm while doing so. It reappears once it is right next to the player to attack and then disappear.

The fourth type is a wall marshmallow, somewhat similar to the tank but serving a different prupose--it can take a lot of damage before going down, but not nearly as strong offensively. This marshmallow's role is to use its wide body to stand on the front lines and take hits for its allies while they progress across the field, unharmed. It is incredibly slow and would probably appear in front of frail marshmallow types.

The fifth type is a long range marshmallow. It fires a projectile high into the air which splits into 3 parts and rains down upon the player. Frail and slow, it hides in the back of the group to pester the player with long shots.

Feel free to let me know what you think. Contact me at my e-mail (, I would be happy to fulfill any linework/concepting services like this.

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