Marshmallow Enemies - Revision

My director gave me advice on improving the enemy concepts, so these have gone through a few revisions. The purple outline from before was a bit too bright so they've been toned down on all of them. I used a custom circle scatter brush to overlay some hints of texture as well. I tried to imitate the little dents and pores that appear on actual marshmallows.

The standard marshmallow received a change in eye color, and more details were added to the mouth area to make it stand out as a focal. I thought that giving each type a different eye color would help them stand apart more, without completely breaking the sense of style/cohesiveness among them.

The tank received more shading near the teeth and its eye sockets were darkened to make the red of the irises appear brighter. Again, I wanted red to stand out as its main color to give it an alarming feel when it appears on screen.

The fast swarmers received a completely different eye color since the red didn't show up very well before, and again each type has a unique eye color. The red fangs were tough to see against the inside of the mouth so some brighter highlights allow them to pop more effectively.

I'm glad I was given the opportunity to revise the work, since it actually forced me to seek out mistakes and think about what proper decisions I should make first the next time I do ink/color work. Feel free to contact me ( if this style of work appeals to you--I'd be happy to take requests, regardless of limited budgets.

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