Marshmallow Madness - Enemies

A few concepts for OnPoint Studios' tower defense game, Marshmallow Madness. My director sent me 3 concept sketches that I took into Illustrator and vectored. The approximate work time was 7 hours.

The game features 3 different types of enemies so far. The first is a standard rushdown marshmallow, it moves fairly quickly but can't take much damage before being defeated.

The middle marshmallow is somewhat of a tank. It trudges slowly across the field, but it can take the most damage before going down; it also hurts the player the greatest when in attacking range. I gave this one a slightly more reddish hue in hopes that it will stand out among the horde as soon as it appears on the field. Perhaps the player feels a sense of dread when this one shows up in the distance.

The third type is a lightning fast swarming marshmallow that has the least defense but crosses distances the most quickly. I gave them a more sickly hue since their fangs are really pronounced like vampires, and toyed with the way shadows fall over them to emphasize the ominous look.

I really enjoyed this assignment because I got a chance to try to instill some personality into these creatures. They're of the same 'species', but they have different abilities and traits, and I was able to use color, light, and form to reflect that. Feel free to contact me at if you would like any character work like this done! I'm always open to requests.

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