Junk ET Headquarters

If you've been following my Dribbble account you've probably already seen me post some artwork for a game called Junk ET that I've been contributing to since January 2015. It's a roguelike about a waste removal agent who cleans up junk on various planets. The dungeons are completely randomized, so no two playthroughs are ever exactly alike. I've neglected to post about it here until now, but I'll try to change that! If all goes as planned, the final version will be released this summer. I'm working with an awesome team of people and couldn't be happier to be a part of this game.

Last week I worked with one of our programmers on one of the game's main menus. You click on different parts to access other sub-menus, like character statistics or game settings.

Different areas have some slight animation as well -- some done through code, others handled by yours truly. We want the room to feel like a lively mission control type of place where employees monitor agents like the player's character.

Here's a close up of some animation I did for the employees at the front desk.

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