Skillshare Class! Proportion in Character Design

I've got a new class up on Skillshare! This is the third entry in an ongoing series on art style and character design.

Learn how proportion is used to build characters. We take a look at how and why body and facial features are emphasized and downplayed on existing fantasy characters in various media. By examining body types and facial proportions in real life, I'll guide you to understanding why certain space relationships resonate in certain ways when we see them on a character. There's a reason artists place huge eyes or small bodies on characters, and not just because it's funny. It's designed for anyone of any skill level, so no prior experience is required to get into the lessons. The tools I use for demonstrations and exercises are Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, but all you really need is a simple drawing instrument to follow along with the key concepts. The class assignment will allow you to take your favorite character and learn how to recreate them with weird, wacky proportions.

The class is free of charge until December 14th, so give it a try!

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