Fire With Fire: Online Beta Begins July 14!

Alright! Back from a somewhat lengthy vacation (of sorts). Lots of stuff going on with this game so I'll get right to it.

We have a shiny new trailer showcasing gameplay footage and features.

...We worked hard on that.

The biggest news is that a lot of important things are happening on Monday, July 14. That's less than a week away.

Monday July 14 marks the beginning of...

Online Beta
You can go head to head with other players online starting this Monday.

Register your username. Really, go do it now. Make sure it sounds cool. You might be a famous top player one day.

The servers we're using are... delicate, so instead of having them open 24/7, online play will be focused on dedicated Beta Days, which will typically run on Mondays starting July 14. During those days though you can get in as many matches as you want! At the very least, I'll be online racking up losses, so finding a match shouldn't be a problem.

The Return of the Kickstarter
We learned a lot from the campaign we ran last year, so we're a lot more prepared this time. The beta will feature 10 Creeps and 20 Towers, but we want to give the players even more Creeps and Towers to choose from and add even more variety and strategy.

We'd also like to upgrade the servers, which means a higher volume of people could play at any time without worrying about crashes, disconnections, or downtime. A must have for online play.

Not to mention a ton of other cool junk for backers like Creep plushies, wallpapers, soundtracks... you name it, it's probably a reward. We hope you'll support this game!

Steam Greenlight
Vote for us to have Fire With Fire available through Steam. Leave feedback or just say hello while you're there. But mostly vote yes.

Theory will be holding a Q&A for Fire With Fire, streamed live on Twitch Monday July 14 at 6 PM EST as well, so don't miss it. Why would you miss it?

There's also a new blog on our home site concerning all things Fire With Fire. Sadly, this means I probably won't be posting FWF related things here as much since most of the content will be written there. But hey! It was fun while it lasted. I guess I can replace those would-be posts with something...

This week we'll be contacting various press outlets and sprucing up the Kickstarter page, but get excited for matchmaking on Mondays. Thanks for reading.

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