Fire With Fire: Beta Version, Kickstarter, and Steam Greenlight

As promised, many things kick off today (ha). The Kickstarter campaign has begun, so make a pledge if you are so inclined.

$6 pledges and above grant access to the game so you can play all day on Mondays. If you really wanted to, you could pledge, try the game out, and cancel so you're not actually spending money. It is a beta after all. But if you think what we've got so far is fun to play, a contribution to fund the complete version would be an immense help.

The game's also up on Steam Greenlight, so vote yes after you've played the beta. Please leave any comments for us there. We love reading those.

Remember, we've got until August 10 to hit our goal. Since the game is open on Mondays, we'll be updating it between then so that it's improved each week. Don't forget to watch Theory's Q & A tonight at 6:30 PM EST. He'll also be streaming matches against Stephen, the host. Exciting!

That's plenty of rambling from me. Check out the Kickstarter so we can play!

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