The Only Certainty at Norwich Indie Game Expo October 11th - 12th

Alright, so a lot's been going on with TOC of course. Since the game's beta version is being showcased this weekend at Norwich Game Expo soon I figure this is a good time to catch up!

The biggest recent development is that we have a composer on board by the name of Mark Allsworth. His music is astounding to be frank, and sometimes I still can't believe we're lucky enough to be able to collaborate with such a hard working musician. He's already provided sound for the game's beta and we're just happy to have him on the team! We're really hoping he'll stick around and provide the entire soundtrack for the finished game.

Other than that, Harry and Jon have been ironing out bugs and cranking out better and better builds of the game as always. Do those guys ever sleep? I've been working on a few other assets to place in the environments and UI.

A few icons for the Galaxy Map, which is where you'll jump between Systems (think of a System as a 'room' or 'stage', you'll be exploring these throughout the game).

Additionally we have some colossal space architecture in the form of Research Stations and Drone Relays. Much bigger in game but shrunken down here to avoid crashing people's browsers.

Last but not least we've polished up the way dialogue works and looks. We've whittled it down to a text box in the lower left, where a portrait of the speaker is displayed above the text. That's Midnight, your AI companion in the story. I'll write a little more about him later in the week, but in the future I'm hoping we can implement animated character portraits as well!

I've been working on some promotional illustrations for TOC as well, which I'll show soon as well. They'll be given away at the booth on Saturday--make sure to drop by for free stuff and the chance get your hands on the beta!

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