Time Enforcer

It's been a while since I've done a challenge for conceptart.org's Character of the Week so I figured I'd give it a shot, shake the rust off.

The prompt was to design an agent who prevents ne'er-do-wells from committing time travel crimes. The agent's design also had to include some kind of 'recall device' that allowed them to return to their own time period after their mission was done. Science fiction's not quite my strong point but this was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

First pass.

I really had no plans for this one, just started sketching and wanted to see where the lines would go. The recall device is inspired by the bells you see on alarm clocks. And of course he needs a cybernetic crab claw to deal with criminals. I mean, what other mode of defense would you prefer?

I was thinking of having some kind of recall device activated by a pullstring/chord and it evolved into this. I thought a backpack would work, but having it attached to the front of the agent seemed more interesting. Or maybe it's just on backwards. Also this agent's a little less serious/more flustered in terms of personality. Wanted to show the time travel in action in this one.

Giant powersuits are cool. Going a bit more heavy handed with the futuristic elements. At one point I tried a Buzz Lightyear-esque glass dome headpiece but I didn't look right on her. Some Samus Aran influences going on here for certain! Well, I guess technically this could be a dude with long hair... probably not, though.

Trying to show the time travel in action again, as well as combine the recall device and agent's means of defense into one. The result was a chainsaw that slices open time. Ridiculous? Yes. But so is time travel. Wanted to try making an agent who's quite skilled at preventing crimes, but whose recklessness occasionally gets him into hot water with his superiors. Something of a devil-may-care attitude.

All of the crazy swirly effects kind of impede the guy's appearance so I decided against this one as much as I loved it. Clarity's important when displaying a character and communicating the overall idea, which I apparently ignored forgot when I started this.

A more sleek and simplified approach to the sci fi theme. The main idea for this one was turning an ordinary object into the recall device, so I thought of an electric guitar that opens a time portal when a specific melody is played. Like Ocarina of Time, but more rockin'. This agent's a little more cool and collected about her work.

Ultimately went with the 3rd design and polished it up for the final submission.

I'll likely do more of these from now on to get into better habits of making new characters on a regular basis. Already looking forward to the next prompt!

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