TOC: Dashboard Revision

I'm getting way behind on TOC updates.

We polished up the main dashboard where your stats are displayed.

Old version:

Newer more socially acceptable version:

In addition to just bells and whistles though we decided to give the player 20 hits before going down, not 10.

 Even so, the game is still pretty hard from what I've gleaned playing the most recent builds! If you're not careful, those bars are gone before you know it.

The Power Bar's a little cleaner without the rounded end caps. Ended up causing more issues than they were worth.

There's also a new counter for Fuel Rods. Eventually I want to animate the numbers flipping downward like cards whenever you use one, as well as actually showing the Bar refilling.

Also, in case you missed it, MDNL's blog recently got an overhaul! Looking good.

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