Fire With Fire: Creep Generals

Forgot to show these.

But, they were posted on the Kickstarter page so you might've seen them already.

A little work on the Story Mode of Fire With Fire, which is something we'd really like to incorporate if we can. At the moment the main idea revolves around the world of Creeps, which is divided up into clans (so Spitfires have their own clan, as do Heavies, and so forth). Their world is slowly running out of its natural fuels and resources that Creeps use for everyday life. Of course, conflict erupts over what little resources remain.

Each clan is governed by a leader, or General, which is slightly more anthropomorphic than the adorable little blobs you'll send into battle. I tried to strike a good balance between keeping the fire aspects and giving them human features. Originally I wanted to give them features like actual hair but they started to look too human and not enough like humanoid fire spirits. Mostly I tried to think of what sort of society each Creep clan would live in--metal working, militaristic, technologically advanced, etc.--and design the generals based off of that.

Eventually we'll see generals for every type of Creep, but these were kind of a test run to nail down things like proportions, detail density, and the overall balance between human and non-human features.

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