Ava Bosses: Emperor Concepts

The second boss looms at the end of the snowfield. Naturally, it's a giant penguin with an army of small penguins at his behest. Naturally.

The real challenge was separating the boss as being a grade tougher than the ordinary enemies, but keeping them visually related. Again, this boss can't be jumped on so it needed something on its head or back to prevent that. Although, considering how big it is, jumps probably won't reach that high anyhow.

With these bigger characters, I had more room to play up the patchwork/sewn together look and add smaller details like stitching in certain areas. The top concept I thought fit the design mold best, but I don't get last say. Next time we'll take a look at the final result. With actual frame-by-frame animations this time, hoorah!

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