Infected Scientist

Another weekly challenge from Last week's theme was to create a scientist that had been infected by an alien virus, racing against the clock to develop a cure.

There were a lot of ugly drawings in my sketchbook to explore ideas, but these were the most reasonable ones I wanted to work with.

Given enough time I would have wanted to continue each one, but due to the deadline I narrowed them down to the bottom 2, which I thought were strongest.

What's a good scientist character without dramatic under lighting? Added a little more to the uniform of the female character to give a more doctor-y feel (necktie, goggles) though I didn't want to fall back on using a white lab coat. Also added a few more conspicuous details in terms of her infection spreading.

Only one entry is allowed for these, so I went with the two headed doctor for the final version. Either way though it was the first time I'd extensively explored different character types for a prompt before settling on one. It's actually a good way to generate ideas for the final, since there's often some overlap between different designs.

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