Ava: Achievement Icons

Yeah, we actually have a title for this now! In case you're wondering, it refers to the name of the protagonist. Sometimes less is more.

Lately we've been working on some UI things--specifically, icons that represent achievements for each stage. Shown below the stage title card in this screenshot:

There are 5 different achievements--

Collecting every last coin. (Coin)
Clearing the stage without taking damage. (Heart)
Finding the single Diamond located somewhere in the level. (Diamond)
Clearing the stage under a certain time limit. (Clock)
Finding a Puzzle piece within the stage. (Puzzle)

These icons also show up when you're playing an actual level near the top of the screen, for convenience's sake.

I was asked to redo the Coin, Diamond, Puzzle, and Clock icons to match the look of the Heart I made before, and give them a bit more polish.

Normally they're grayed out but are colored in once you complete an achievement. For the completionist in all of us.

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  1. The final versions look really cool. I like the puzzle piece especially.