Double Jump + Single Frames

These are the last frames we worked on for the main character. Some actions like screeching to a halt or jumping were restricted to one frame, so it was interesting having to tell a story and make the most out of a single pose. Looking back it was fun working on these since I had pretty much complete control over the characterization of the protagonist. Even more fun though was having an excuse to play old Sonic games for pose reference.

I had been meaning to mess with blurring certain in between frames for quick movements in an animation, so I tried that out for the double jump. Generally I don't like the outcome of most Photoshop filters but this is definitely something I want to experiment with more,  I think if I can get it right it adds a little something to make the movement more believable.

A demo should be underway shortly with all of these animations intact, so it'll be nice to see all of them put together. If all goes well I'll be given the OK to work on enemies and bosses next, so hopefully I'll have more from this project to show pretty soon.

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