Concepts for an Army of Unspeakable Evil

The character sprites for our little iPhone platformer are pretty much done at this point (the programmers sent me a demo earlier this weekend, looks decent so far), so now we need some enemies to get in the way of our protagonist.

The instructions in the design brief were all based on animals. But shooting and stomping animals seems pretty cruel. That's right, Mario. I'm looking at you.

Shooting and stomping animals that have been sewn together... much less likely to raise a red flag for the ASPCA.

Not all of them will be used of course, and some of the ones that will will likely be changed a bit in the animation stage. If all goes well I'll be able to show some animated sprites of the approved designs later this week.


  1. Looking good Brian. Glad to see great progress

    1. Thank you. :D I try to make it as clear as possible what actually goes on when I'm making concepts or other work for a game.