Final Run Cycle

OK, I think I'm finally done with this beast. Had to include the backpack from the original sketch. I now understand why it's important to be able to animate even basic cubes in perspective... Even rotating the backpack slightly was a challenge.

And of course the final thing was coloring. I felt the lines were a little shaky, so I redid those as well though it may not be noticeable at this size. Needless to say I've been at my desk all day. And evening. And night.

In the average studio environment I'm sure they have people handling some of these tasks separately, it felt like a lot for one person to keep track of. Still, it's nice to see it all come together. So now we've got a running character we can actually use in the game engine. :D 

Planning on tackling the 'idle' motion next, so I'm going to hunt around some older games for inspiration/reference. What do people normally do when they're just standing there?

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