Project A to Z #2: Button Bastion

Second entry here. I had been thinking of making a sort of fortress scene for a while so this was fun.

Besides the technical aspects, something else I'm trying to improve on is telling some sort of story in a scene. A lot of great illustrators do it without dialogue or living things so that's definitely something I'll try to keep in mind more in the future. I think that might be a good way to decide what smaller details go into a scene. Often I'll decide on the basics (fortress, mountain, sunset) but it will still end up looking plain without those finer aspects. Having an underlying narrative, or at least a hint of one should be a good way to add detail without it being random or unconvincing. Perhaps some war took place here thousands of years ago, and the ground could be littered with flags, spears, and teddy bear stuffing. Some way to show the purpose of the architecture/location.

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