Mobile Game Assets - Ending Screen

This might be kind of a spoiler actually, but... oh well.

I was asked to design the screen for when the credits roll by at the end of Marshmallow Madness. My art director had a pretty clear idea of what it should look like so I didn't have to do too much planning. He provided the sketch below:

Kind of humorous really. The next step for me was to really decide on where all the lines would go, so I broke out the Wacom tablet and fired up Photoshop. Traced some more specific lines out and tested the colors.

With everything pretty much in place it was on to Illustrator from there. I set up a Lines layer, a Flats layer, and a Shading layer for each major component. At first I was going for a more realistic look with the lighting but it didn't really feel right, I tried out a sort of stylized coloring book look and it turned out much better, I think.

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