Mr. N and Isaac

A character submission. The request asked for unique evil genius type characters and this was one of my primary ideas.

"Mr. N" is a physics professor, a calm but detail oriented man who obsesses over his study of particles and matter. He has attained a mastery over gravity itself. He owns a pet magpie named Isaac who sports a monocle and an undeserved sense of self importance.

Still trying to practice experimenting with non-black outlines, so I went with a dulled midtone yellow this time. In case anyone is wondering about the process, basically I make a giant, single colored silhouette shape in Illustrator over the pencil sketch. Then I layer the color form shapes on top--leaving space in between, so that the silhouette underneath shows through and functions as an outline. Using this silhouette method is pretty helpful in the early stages for seeing if the pose reads well without color.

Even if it gets rejected, I'll continue trying to come up with more characters in a similar vein to form a sort of series of these. It's not an archetype I work with often so I want to see where I can go with it. Also, I'm really bad at coming up with names so I'll figure something out for later characters, hahaha.

Basically, if you're a game developer, or anyone looking for a 2D artist with character ideas, send me an e-mail at I'll respond as soon as I can to discuss the details of your request. I'm open to all sorts of projects so feel free to contact me.

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