Marshmallow Madness - Weapons

A few ideas for weapons for the upcoming game.

The rubber hammer is a bludgeoning weapon for close combat. Powerful but tough to swing around because of its weight.

The boxing glove is a ranged weapon. I imagined that the player would wear the box on one hand, extend the glove to attack, and use the other hand to reel it back in with the lever. Quick and powerful.

The carrot rapier is another close quarters melee weapon. Lighter and more flexible to use than the hammer but less powerful. Can be used to KO smaller enemies by cutting.

The catapult is small enough to carry in both hands and launches ice cream projectiles high and far. Effective for airborne enemies, or attacking marshmallows far away with a lot of health/defense. The protagonist pulls the lever to reset the spoon's position, loads the ammo and releases the lever to send it flying. Various ammo can be used.

The gunball machine is a rapid fire weapon that doesn't do much damage with each hit, but fires incredibly fast and covers a wide range. Best for covering a spread of moderate to weak enemies at any distance.

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