Marshmallow Madness - Player Maquette

My most recent assignment had me creating a properly scaled version of the player's character according to iPhone 4's screen requirements.

Here is a larger detail shot including color palette used:

I experimented a bit with building up the shapes. I started with a dark silhouette of the character to make sure the pose read well even at a small scale. Then I layered the colored shapes on top to define the forms, at which point the edges of the silhouette served as outlines. It's a bit more time consuming than just using Illustrator's line stroke weight for outlines, but I prefer being able to have complete control over how I can vary the outline's thickness in certain areas. Instead of straight black I went with a dark wine color for the outline, and I think the end result is better.

As always, let me know if you would like to request my services, I'm becoming more confident in characters, environments, and user interface artwork. Send me an e-mail ( and I'll reply as soon as I can, and we can negotiate a fair price. Thanks!

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