Skillshare Class! Color in Character Design

I have a new class up on Skillshare! This is the second installment in an ongoing series on art style.

Learn how to use colors intelligently in your characters. The course begins by exploring a basic understanding of what color actually is, and progressively covers how it has been used purposefully in various fantasy characters across a variety of media. We will also take a look at our cultural relationships with colors, some that we learn from a very early age and use very well into adulthood. Like the previous course, it's designed for anyone at any skill level. Most of my coloring will be digital, and demonstrations will be performed predominantly in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, but we'll go over concepts that apply in almost any medium -- so follow along with your favorite tools. The class assignment will allow you to color in line art of a character in whatever way you want!

The class is free of charge until August 10th. Give it a try!

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