Indienomicon + Kickstarter's Final Chapter!

That campaign just flew by. It's already in its final hours, and we're this close to reaching our goal. Still plenty of time to pledge if you were previously on the fence, or spread the word to anyone who might be interested.

Indienomicon, a monthly gathering of independent game developers held in Orlando, Florida, was this past Thursday. Theory, Anna, Shayn and I were there representing Skull Skill Studios and showing off Fire With Fire to attendants (alongside the developers of BiT Evolution -- definitely check them on Steam Greenlight). We gave a brief presentation, held a Q & A session, and had about an hour of free play matches so people could get a feel for the multiplayer aspect.

It was a lot of fun, met a lot of great people in the process, including Jay Tholen, creator of Dropsy, and Jorge Capote of Let Go Interactive, which is currently working on its flagship title Litter Larry. Check 'em out! Orlando's got a really strong scene of developers, really hoping to go to more Indienomicons in the future whenever possible. The Indienomicon staff did an amazing job running the event, and the library faculty gave us all the equipment we needed (probably the nicest library I've ever been in. Seriously, look at the size of those monitors.)

Photos courtesy of Brandon Specht (except for the noticeably lower quality, vertical pictures without people in them. Those are courtesy of my phone.).

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