Tic Toc: Character Sprites

Here's a little bit of the work I've done for Tic Toc so far. Character sprites are built much like they are in games like Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door or Scribblenauts, made up of individual pieces that are rotated and moved through code to give them life. Each character needed a head, body, and 2 variations of arms. It was a challenge since I've never had the opportunity to create characters to be animated like this, but I'm looking forward to trying this method out a bit more. We're planning to have many more individual parts like these for randomly generated characters, including tons of costumes and hairstyles from various time periods, so the game should boast an expansive variety of interesting NPCs to interact with. Not to mention the possibilities for customizing your own character's appearance.

If you want to see how these look in action, you can see them in the new video on the Kickstarter page, which is still going, but only for about 2 more weeks! The clock is, dare I say, running out.

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