Play Fire With Fire.

If you've been looking to get your hands on Fire With Fire, now's your chance. Click on that adorable fireball to download the current demo.

It's an early 1-player version that walks you through how to place towers on the field and fend off Creeps. Very easy to follow and it'll make sure you're prepared to play when the competitive multiplayer version is ready. The current demo only works on Windows at the moment--sorry about that--but rest assured that the final product will be a cross platform endeavor.

You can probably beat it in around 20 minutes, but I found myself going through more than once and trying out different mazes and tower combinations. Try it for yourself.

And read a bit more on the goings on of FWF at Theory's blog.

Now once you've actually played we want to know what you think about it. What needs to be fixed, or tossed out, or kept just as it is. Contact us! I can be reached at and I'd be happy to relay any feedback to Theory himself.

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