Babysitter From Hell

Another character design challenge. The point was to design a babysitter from the perspective of a child's worst nightmares. Plenty of fun though I was kind of rushed for time near the end. I like the more modern day prompts like this.

First thing that came to mind was monster brace girl. I was thinking along the lines of a kid who exaggerates a person's dental headgear in their minds.

Also considered a mean old guy who spanks little kids. "This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you..."

Another idea was a kind of dark Mary Poppins character. I wanted to include a parasol with perpetual rain from underneath but had trouble pulling that off right. Strangely enough I got the idea for the look of these looking through Twilight Princess character concepts in Hyrule Historia.

Eventually went back to the monster brace though, refining the look of the machinery and her costume/pose along the way.

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