The Only Certainty: Junk Tiles

Another tileset! I should be really good at these by now, but.

Basically these will be pasted together to create terrain hazards comprised of floating space... junk in various levels of the game. When you travel across it, it slows down your ship and you'll begin to take gradual damage after a while. Annoying.

Once again the real challenge was getting the borders to line up for a variety of tile shapes. Here are some examples of what we could make with these, though.

So basically we can form almost anything from long 'walls' to winding belts.

The purpose of this tileset (as well as the nebula) is to act as a sort of deterrent to guide players in a certain direction throughout levels. We opted to use an obstacle you could pass through if you wanted rather than actual solid walls because we don't necessarily want to forbid players from accessing areas they want to explore. Exploring is kind of the point of the whole game, so we feel you should be allowed to go anywhere you choose--but not always without consequences.

In this way players have more control over how they get from point A to point B. Instead of navigating the twists and turns between terrain hazards, you can choose to travel straight across debris, nebulae, and other obstacles and probably reach destinations much faster, but the path is a lot riskier and you'll likely take some damage. And in this game, there are no saves to fall back on if you're defeated. You can Save and Quit if you want to suspend play and resume your file later on, but if you get a Game Over, that's all folks. So we're trying to strike a balance between safer routes for people who want to take their time and more challenging paths for players who are more into that sort of thing.

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