The Only Certainty: Deep Space

Next step I've been working on recently is a backdrop for the levels in the game. The game is predominantly set in space, so for the most part they will look like this, mostly dark and dotted with stars. The above is the old version we'd stuck in just to have something to use.

Here's the updated version below:

Much less pixelated and it tiles seamlessly. We'll be setting the player, enemies, objects, UI, and all of the other important stuff over this.

Also, just for fun I messed around with what an animated version would look like.

I was watching A Trip to the Moon (1902) for ideas and was reminded of how there's a kind of flickering you see in really old films. I don't know, it might be too distracting in regular gameplay, but I would love to incorporate some kind of effect like this in the game's menus or especially the story cutscenes.

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