Ava: Storyboard Panels

Been a while since I've showed anything from this project.

A while ago I drew up some storyboards to tell the, um... story of the game. Basically laid out as panels illustrating each scene, they'd play in the beginning of the game, and then after each level is completed.

Nothing too complex here. A girl sets out to save her boyfriend from a malevolent sorceress. It was a challenge illustrating the scenes without using any dialogue.

Started with a very messy sketch before refining each set of panels.


After Stage 1:

After Stage 2:

After Stage 3:

Actually got the idea for the panel layout from the opening of Kirby's Dreamland 3.

Tried out a similar fade in animation for the panels.


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    1. I can appreciate what comic artists do a little more after making these. Planning out a bunch of compositions and drawing the same characters over and over with consistency... it's hard! Learned a lot though.