Logo Sketches

Been doing a lot of freehand logo ideas lately so I figured I'd share. Every once in a while I just gotta get this kind of thing out of my system. :D

Originally this one was something I came across while flipping through old sketchbook pages, but was trying to experiment with a logo based off of an H shape. Tried a few different directions from edgy to whimsical. Was also reading in an article recently that it's good to work in black and white/ a solid color before worrying about the final color choices; just to focus on shape communication first.

Logos based on the concept "firearms". The top left ideas were the original direction, kind of influenced by sports logos. All of them are pretty wild looking so it probably wouldn't work as a serious corporate emblem or anything. Messing with a lot of negative space and varied line weights.

Was going for a really simplified silhouette of a well-dressed man and woman with their arms locked together. It was, of course, a lot easier in my head than in practice. The hardest part was finding room to fit everything into a rectangle shape, and only including necessary things to avoid clutter. Somewhat inspired by formal attire stores, a little different than the previous.

Logo for an imaginary coffee shop from a story someone I know is writing. With actual colors this time! Another key thing from that article was considering where a logo is going to be placed. The upper right is probably the only one that works on the side of a cup since it's circular and can wrap around without losing too much readability; the left designs might be too long for that. Could also work as a storefront logo.

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